Rare Coin Collection

http://gaukartifact.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/us_coins_allthumb.jpgCoin collection is a passion for many people around the world. Most of them have spent fortunes to acquire coins from faraway lands and probably the money value of these coins is even higher. This passion has resulted in the appreciation of ancient coins that were minted years back and today they are a symbol of our ancient culture, heritage and prestige. Minting of coins was started even before currency notes were printed in fact actual minting of coins with the impression of the imperial rule dates back to the time when civilization was rooting into the world and today we find coins which are hundreds of years old but are still preserved in good conditions by coin collectors and firms who deal with the buying and selling of such coins.

One such rare coin is the Indian head gold coin which has still not lost its market and is even found to fetch high prices today. One reason why it is so pursued by the coin collectors is that these coins were minted in limited numbers and are very rare. These coins are also known as the Pratt- Billow coins since they were sculpted by Bela Lyon Pratt and William Sturgis Billow back in the year 1908. They were only minted for a limited time till 1933 and bore the values of two and a half US dollars also called as quarter eagle and five US dollars known as half eagle. These coins were made of solid gold and bore a native American male headdress on the obverse with a eagle perched on the reverse.

Following the same lines, you will also find great demand for buffalo silver coins that are made of pure 0.999 silver. They are collected by coin collectors and also by investors who want to increase the worth of their portfolio by investing their fortunes in physical silver. They are bought in huge numbers, maybe in hundreds by these investors since buffalo silver coins are good investment option. They are not minted by United States but are private mints only produced for the sole intention of accumulating wealth. They have very little rarity value since they are produced in large numbers. Also, popularly many coin collectors and investors like to spend their money collecting silver proof coins. They are inculcated coins which date back to 1805 when the US min created a pattern coin for demonstration purpose.

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